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Extra Virgin Olive Oil iO with D-Limonene 250ml

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EVOO with a refreshing aroma of freshly squeezed lemon that brings relaxation and well-being.

iO D-limonene EVOO

Looking for an oil with a different and fresh touch?

Imagine preparing a summer salad with this oil with a touch of freshly squeezed lemon.

Its citric point floods your mouth with a sensation of freshness and vitality.

Because this EVOO is enriched with D-limonene, combining the smooth texture of the oil and the freshness of lemon.

Give a unique and delicious touch to your dishes and let this EVOO take care of you from the inside.

Season your dishes with it, eat calmly (consciously) and you will notice its effects on your inner peace.

In a world where we live in a hurry and need to find mental balance, we need more moments of relaxation.

And this EVOO is a great companion for those moments of self-care and enjoyment in the kitchen.

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Glass bottle of 100 ml. or 250 ml.

Nutritional values per 100ml

Energy value


of which are saturated



We love to innovate and bring to market healthy foods that improve the quality of life.

Composition: Extra virgin olive oil naturally enriched with D-limonene extract, sourced from our lemons. Taste and aroma: Oil with a yellow hue and an intense flavor of freshly squeezed lemon. Image: Citrusy, just like its flavor. Made with integrated production techniques: to take better care of our natural environment and your health. Early harvest and cold extraction.
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Pack 250ml (6 units)


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