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A mild EVOO that combines with any dish without overshadowing the flavors.

Can Surat Arbosana and Arbequina

We invite you to travel.

For that, you will have to close your eyes for a moment and think about the tranquility of the countryside and the clean, fresh air.

We welcome you to our land, where the sun bathes your skin and you can breathe the aromas of rockrose and other flowers of the pasture.

It is a unique place where the olive trees grow with strength and care to give us the EVOO that we value so much in the Mediterranean cuisine.

In each bottle we enclose a bit of that essence, a little piece of the quiet life of our countryside.

Open it and enjoy on your palate the best that nature has to offer: a healthy ingredient with which we can treat ourselves to a moment alone or in the company of our loved ones.

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3 liter can

Nutritional values per 100ml

Energy value


of which are saturated



We love to innovate and bring to market healthy foods that improve the quality of life.

Composition: Arbequina and Arbosana variety EVOO. Taste and aroma: Oil with yellow-greenish tones. Its aroma is fruity with herbal notes, fruit, green banana peel, tomato, artichoke leaf and green almond. When you taste it, you will notice a bitter and persistent taste with a certain spiciness. Image: traditional style. Made with integrated production techniques: to take better care of our natural environment and your health. Early harvest and cold extraction.
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