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Surat White Balsamic Vinegar

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A sour aroma with a sweet taste that surprises.

Balsamic White Vinegar Surat

The weekend is approaching and you are planning a meal with family or friends at home.

You’d like to welcome them with something they don’t expect, so you choose the menu with love.

You prepare that recipe you’ve had in mind for a long time…

And you give it a special touch with our white balsamic vinegar.

Its smell has a more aromatic acidity, which attracts.

We know this because it happens to us at gourmet food events. As soon as we open a jar, a funny thing happens: people start flocking to it.

However, the best part comes when you taste it, because its sweetness with a touch of must surprises you.

Let’s go with your recipe. You are almost ready.

Just add a tablespoon of Surat white balsamic vinegar and mix well.

You will immediately notice how the flavors and aromas melt together.

The time comes, everyone sits down at the table.

You are about to leave them with their mouths open.

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Nutritional values per 100ml

Energy value


of which are saturated



We love to innovate and bring to market healthy foods that improve the quality of life.

Composition: Wine vinegar and concentrated white grape must. Taste and aroma: The sweetness and citrus aroma harmonize with meats, fruits, salads, and desserts. Image: Youthful and cheerful. Made with integrated production techniques: to take better care of our natural environment and your health. No sulfites, no gluten, and no added sugars.
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