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We could have just made a good EVOO.

but we wanted to investigate to improve it and help you take better care of your health.

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"Taking care of you is a pleasure" is not just another phrase. for us

Dedication, passion and proximity

We have been researching for years (and will continue to do so) to produce an EVOO that helps you take care of yourself while enjoying it.

We were born as a brand to get the healthiest extra virgin olive oil and for an olive oil producer to be able to talk about the benefits for your health, he needs data to prove it.

We researched and researched... to develop the formula for our EVOO with lycopene.

Lycopene gives tomatoes their red color and has antioxidant properties that prevent cellular aging.

Increased lycopene metabolism

When you eat a tomato, our body is only able to digest 2-3% of its lycopene. With iO Natural Antioxidant, you will be able to metabolize 95% of the lycopene contained in the oil. With only 1 spoonful, you will assimilate the same lycopene as eating 2 kilos of tomatoes.


Eating well helps us to be healthier.

But to take care of yourself, the most important thing is that you like to do it.

So at Vianóleo we have decided to help you enjoy eating well.

Fill your plates with tasty and healthy food.

vianoleo y tierra 0140
vianoleo y tierra 0140

The most important thing when it comes to eating is taste.

What do our EVOOs taste like?

It’s better if they tell you about it.

Sehr kompetente Beratung von Isabel über die verschiedenen Olivenöle und sehr gutes Öl. Werde wieder kommen !!
Klaus Schwanda
Klaus Schwanda
Wir sind Aus Deutschland und waren mit dem Wohnmobil unterwegs. Hier haben wir ein sehr gutes Olivenöl gefunden! Wir wurden sehr freundlich beraten Komme gerne wieder zum einkaufen!
Ignacio Simancas
Ignacio Simancas
Gran aceite!!! Muy bien presentado, envío en 24 horas y una calidad excepcional… voy a ir probando todas las variedades que tienen!!
Compré un pack de dos botellitas de aceite para un regalo y quedaron encantados. Servicio online 100% recomendable. Repetiremos!
Antonio Carlos de la Blanca Redondo
Antonio Carlos de la Blanca Redondo
Mucha profesionalidad y calidad en sus productos! Grandes empresarios! Un placer compartir buenos momentos por Molins de Rei !! Saludos
Ana MP
Ana MP
Atención buena, me encanta los productos,
jordi sub
jordi sub
Me llegó el aceite surat 2l.rápido y sin problemas. Personalmente no me convenció,para mi gusto demasiado suave ya que soy de aceites con mas cuerpo
crearescrearte crearte
crearescrearte crearte
Mal la compañía de envío poniendo excusas sobre la entrega. Pero un 10 para el contenido de VIANOLEO. Aove 100% calidad. En tu casa en 48h. Embalaje muy protegido. Atención al cliente increíblemente buena y muy buen trato. En dos días lo tenía en casa (cantabria).

Want to know why we care so much about health and taste?

One day we received a call that changed our mentality and lifestyle.

We didn't know it yet, but at that moment Vianóleo was born.

We were looking at the tomato harvest, in that infernal heat of Extremadura.

Antonio turned to me and said:

“I have analyzed them and these have 10 times more lycopene than others.”

Lycopene came up frequently in our conversations.

Especially since we received that phone call from our father a few years ago.

He had to undergo emergency surgery for a health problem.

One of those that lycopene helps prevent.

We are Victor and Antonio; two twins separated for years and united again by EVOO.

Working life took us away from each other.

As if it were a movie from the 90’s, we ended up one in Madrid and the other in Cordoba.

At that time, something was stirring inside us. And one day we realized that it was our desire to start a business together.

We returned to our land, to the family farm and revolutionized everything to launch a different brand.

One that will look after your health like no other.

Since then we have been doing research for 20 years.

And still much to do…

We are united by many things, not just celebrating our birthdays on the same day.

One of them is the innovative spirit that drove us to create Vianóleo.

The range of olive oils that helps people enjoy our Mediterranean diet more (and healthier).

We are constantly changing processes and researching.

And all to produce extra virgin olive oils that help you feel better physically and mentally.

Now that you know us, discover our EVOOs, vinegars, salts and spices.

And enjoy taking care of yourself.

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